Retro Tengoku (RT for short) is a small merchandise store capturing the style and spirit of the 80s and 90s kyusha culture intermingling with current design trends. RT aims to revive what some say is the “golden age” of motorsports and applies the design language of that time into enjoyable merchandise such as apparel car accessories, stickers, and prints.

On top of being a merchandise store, RT delivers original quality content for the masses through forms of photography, cinematography, art, design, and animation in hopes of inspiring people to enjoy the old school fun that cars can bring, no matter how old it is!!

Product Information

All items are handmade and made to order. Printing materials, graphics production, labor and shipping is handled by one person. We do this to ensure the highest quality for you!!.
Keeping this in mind, there might be delays due to the shipping of materials to the shop, day to day personal schedules and other little things. We will try to send out items that was recieved before 5PM (PST) Thursday the following Friday by 4PM (PST).
Hope y'all understand~!! Much Love - Jude

Shipping Information

All orders will be sent within a week of placing an order.
All orders are shipped through USPS and all items besides the stickers will have tracking provided. After shipping, orders will take up to 7 days within the US and up to 12 days outside the US to be delivered to your door.